Vehicle Purchasing

DCA's regulatory authority does not encompass auto purchases, license laws and issues, auto repossessions, towing, warranties, or auto parts issues (only unsatisfactory repairs through independent shops).

We recommend you contact the DMV, Division of Investigations to file a complaint since the selling of vehicles and the regulation of dealerships are regulated by the DMV. DMV regulates the vehicle industry by licensing and regulating the occupational groups of dealerships and salespersons, dismantlers, distributors, and leasing companies that sell used cars. For more information and to file a complaint, please contact DMV directly at the following.

California Department of Motor Vehicles – Division of Investigations
PO Box 825389
Sacramento, CA 94232-3890
(800) 777-0133
(916) 445-1888

Also, you may consider filing a claim against the business in Small Claims Court. Claims may be filed up to $7,500 in this court. The Small Claims Court is a special court where, for a minimal cost, two parties may settle their disputes without the use of legal representation and the cost of attorney fees. The DCA created "The Small Claims Court, a Guide to its Practical Use," a publication that provides a general overview of the system to assist consumers who are considering whether to file a claim in Small Claims Court. The handbook also provides a list of small claims advisory services, which offer assistance with filing small claim actions and are available free of charge in most counties. You may also locate the Small Claims Court in your area in your local county telephone directory.