California Board of Accountancy

Pending Accusations

This list contains names of licensees for which accusations have been filed. An accusation is a formal document that charges violation(s) of the California Accountancy Act and/or California Board of Accountancy regulations by a licensee. The charges in the accusation are allegations. Allegations are not a final determination of wrongdoing and are subject to adjudication and final review by the CBA pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act ((Chapter 3.5 (commencing with Section 11340) of Part 1 of Division 3 of Title 2 of the Government Code)).

For more information, a copy of the pending accusation against a particular licensee is available.

Ammann, Jennifer Lee CPA 99695
Aylward, William K. CPA 47025
Barak, Richter, & Dror CPAs PAR 6812
Barna, Christopher Lee CPA 116544
Bishop, Colleen E. CPA 45685
Boitano, Steven F. CPA 49589
Brylaw Accounting Firm FNP 1622
Cassady, Dustin S. CPA 102587
Chan, Alan CPA 32184
Chan, Sally Mi-Fong CPA 75455
Cummings, Keith Roger CPA 71824
Ebert, Caran Le CPA 69777
Gutentag, Mark Steven CPA 27622
Hradowy, Edward John CPA 15661
Jorgensen, Ryan D. CPA 109719
Kan , Sam Siu-wing CPA 88611
Kies, Daniel CPA 104152
Leevan, Edward Jay CPA 54863
L & L Accounting and Tax FNP 2018
Lopez, Mario CPA 83229
Lucia, Donald G CPA 36308
McKinney, Gordon A. CPA 28037
McPeak, Rick L. CPA 102506
Meyer, Christine N. CPA 80336
Neeka Accountancy Corp. COR 5384
Oftedal, Arne R. CPA 45589
Pybrum, Steven Mark CPA 31088
Pybrum & Company, LLP PAR 7514
Ramanan, Subramaniam Easwara CPA 83591
Rivera, Charles J. CPA 37618
Sam Kan & Company FNP 1677
Sam Walker CPA, Inc. COR 6638
Seymour H. Sachs, an Accountancy Corporation COR 434
Sherb, Steven J. CPA 71385
Tedder, Gary Jean, aka Garold J. Tedder CPA 26742
Turnblad, Richard Allen CPA 21107
Walker, Sam CPA 100890