California Board of Accountancy

Pending Accusations

This list contains names of licensees for which accusations have been filed. An accusation is a formal document that charges violation(s) of the California Accountancy Act and/or California Board of Accountancy regulations by a licensee. The charges in the accusation are allegations. Allegations are not a final determination of wrongdoing and are subject to adjudication and final review by the CBA pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act ((Chapter 3.5 (commencing with Section 11340) of Part 1 of Division 3 of Title 2 of the Government Code)).

For more information, a copy of the pending accusation against a particular licensee is available.

Cahill, Kevin W. CPA 37365
Cahill & Associates, An Accountancy Corporation COR 5706
Campbell, Marshall Charles CPA 65889
Chan, Sally Mi-Fong CPA 75455
Cheng, Chih-Pin CPA 68133
Clarida, Rodney Joe CPA 31851
Clarida & Ludeke, CPAS, INC. COR 6412
Dimeglio, John Joseph CPA 54183
Drake, Riley Terence CPA 103104
Eikel, Suzanne Renea CPA 84969
Hacienda Accounting & Mgmt. Inc. COR 6485
Hall, Mark Edward CPA 89467
Jackson, Richard Edson CPA 36244
Jewell, Irene T. CPA 20590
John Zhong CPA & Company COR 6463
Li, Dazhang CPA 79650
Meester, Martin D. CPA 32972
Meester & Company, CPA, Inc. COR 5887
Michael S. Mitchell CPA, Inc. COR 6159
Miller, Daniel Robert CPA 41516
Mitchell, Michael Stephen CPA 20146
Neeka Accountancy Corp. COR 5384
Nelson, Catherine Sui-Mun CPA 66610
Rabinovitz, Brian CPA 98088
Ramanan, Subramaniam Easwara CPA 83591
Reed, Trudy Newberry CPA 51681
Republicano, Victor Philip CPA 55813
Schnur, Steve Walter CPA 20216
Sears, Steven CPA 47657
Secco, Eddy John CPA 83513
Seymour H. Sachs, an Accountancy Corporation COR 434
Shawn Washington Accountancy Corporation COR 5527
Shiney, Bruce F. CPA 43460
Sullenger, Inger Alice CPA 88971
Taylor, Michael Alan CPA 28464
TCA Partners LLP PAR 6980
Tiongson, Anthony A. CPA 16032
Tucker, Jerrell Lee CPA 72045
Wang, Paul Thomas CPA 104910
Washington, Shawn Edgar CPA 59049
Zhong, John Z. CPA 97729