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Public Information

Is the licensee's address of record public information?

Yes, a licensee's address of record is public information pursuant to California Code of Regulations Title 16, Division 1, Article 1, Section 3, Notification of Change of Address, Section 5009 of the Business and Professions Code, and the California Public Records Act.

Does the Board provide information about a CPA's education?

No, a consumer is advised to request that information from the licensee.

Does the Board provide what firm the CPA is employed by to consumers?

No, the Board does not maintain that type of information on licensees. Employment situations change so frequently that the Board cannot maintain accurate information.

Exactly what license information is available on the Web License Lookup?

The information available through the Web License Lookup feature is the following public information:

  • Licensee / Firm Name.
  • Type of License.
  • License Number.
  • License Status.
  • Experience Completed.
  • Expiration Date.
  • Issue Date.
  • Address of Record.

Additionally, the following enforcement actions are available through the Web License Lookup feature:

  • Names of licensees for which accusations have been filed and are pending possible enforcement action.
  • Summaries of decisions since July 1, 1993, for licenses revoked, surrendered, or placed on long-term probation (beyond three years).
  • Summaries for all other enforcement actions within the past seven years.


How do I file a complaint against a licensee?

The Board has developed a standard complaint form to assist complainants in providing the minimum information required before the investigative process can begin. You can fill out and submit the form in the interactive version, or fill out and print the complaint form in PDF format, or call the board office in Sacramento at (916) 561-1729 to obtain a complaint form.

How do I file a complaint against the Board?

The Citizen Complaint Act of 1997 requires that we provide a method for use by California citizens to comment and/or file complaints about the Board. Follow the link from our Comments/Complaints page to fill out and submit the form in the interactive version, or fill out and print the complaint form in PDF format.

How can I know if there are any complaints against my CPA?

Complaints against licensees are not public records. However, if a complaint results in a citation or discipline against a licensee, the citation or discipline is public record.