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Offering a Regulatory Review Course

TITLE 16. Professional and Vocational Regulations
DIVISION 1. Board of Accountancy Regulations

ARTICLE 12 - Continuing Education Rules

§ 87.9. Offering a Regulatory Review Course.

(a) Prior to offering a regulatory review course which can be claimed by a licensee to fulfill Section 87.8, course providers shall apply to the Board for approval of the course by completing Initial Application Package CE-RR-1 (07/09), Regulatory Review Application for Course Approval, which is hereby incorporated by reference. Approval shall be based on the following criteria:
(1) The course shall be a formal educational program that meets the requirements described in Sections 88, 88.1, and 88.2, excluding Section 88.2(c)(1)(A) and (c)(1)(B).
(2) The course shall provide participants with the current California Accountancy Act and California Board of Accountancy Regulations.
(3) A self-study course shall require a 90 percent passing score on a test given at the conclusion of the course. The test shall not include true/false type questions. The test shall be submitted along with the course materials for approval.
(4) A self-study course is required to demonstrate an average completion time of two 50-minute continuing education hours by pre-testing the documentation from a minimum of four current and active certified public accountants simulating the manner in which the course will be completed and showing the length of time spent by each participant to complete the course. Pre-testing participants are required to be independent of the group that developed and/or are offering the course and provide feedback on the level of difficulty of the course.
(5) If the course is a component of a larger program, the two hours devoted to the regulatory review course must be continuous and uninterrupted.
(6) The course content shall include the following:
(A) A review of the current California Accountancy Act, specific to the practice of public accountancy in California, and shall include a review of the following California Accountancy Act Articles: Articles 1.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5.5, 6, 6.5 and 7.
(B) A review of the current California Board of Accountancy Regulations, specific to the practice of public accountancy in California, and shall include a review of the following Accountancy Regulations Articles: Articles 1, 6, 9, 12, 12.5, and 13.
(C) The review of the California Accountancy Act and California Board of Accountancy Regulations must include a discussion on how the specified articles relate to the practice of public accountancy in California, including a review of historic and recent disciplinary actions taken by the Board, highlighting the misconduct which led to licensees being disciplined.
(b) The term of the approval shall be for a two-year period. In order to maintain Board approval, providers shall submit Renewal Application Package CE-RR-2 (07/09), Regulatory Review Approval Continuance Application, which is hereby incorporated by reference, prior to the end of the two-year period.
(c) Upon receiving approval from the Board, the provider of the Regulatory Review course required under Section 87.8 may represent the course in promotional materials during the term of approval, as being approved by the Board.
(d) The Board may review the records of a provider to ensure compliance with the criteria specified in this Section. Within 15 days of receipt of written notification, the provider shall submit or make available all material requested by the Board. The Board may cancel its approval for a course found not to be in compliance.
(e) For every course presentation, the provider that enters into the approval agreement with the Board shall:
(1) Retain completion records to reflect the actual participant attendance, or in the case of a self-study course, passing test scores of 90 percent or higher. The retention period shall be eight years.
(2) Be responsible for the quality and content of the course by requiring and ensuring that the course include all components and content areas represented in the approval application.
(3) Update course content to reflect current laws, regulations, and enforcement violations.
(f) A provider whose course is denied approval or when a previous approval is canceled by Board staff may appeal such action to the Board. The appeal shall be filed within six months of the action being appealed or the mailing of written notification, whichever is later. The appeal shall contain the following information:
(1) The name and business address of the provider making the appeal.
(2) The action being appealed and the date of any written notification from the Board.
(3) A summary of the basis for the appeal, including any information which the provider believes was not given adequate consideration by staff.
(g) The Board will consider only appeals based on information previously considered by staff. If the provider wishes to submit for consideration additional evidence or information not previously submitted to staff, such additional information should be submitted directly to staff with the request that its previous action be reconsidered. An appeal based on evidence or information not previously submitted to staff will be referred by the Board to staff for further consideration.

NOTE: Authority cited: Sections 5010 and 5027, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Section 5027, Business and Professions Code.


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