e-file Information from the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board

Both consumers and businesses can take advantage of e-file services offered by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and California Franchise Tax Board for electronic filing of personal and business tax returns.

Following are links to some helpful e-file resources available at the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board Web sites:

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  • e-file - Details on e-file options for individual taxpayers and businesses, as well as information for tax-preparation professionals.
  • EFTPS - The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, which enables taxpayers to pay their federal taxes electronically, via the Internet, using personal computer software, or by phone. Payments can be made by the taxpayer directly to EFTPS, or by the taxpayer's financial institution.
  • Industries and Professions - Specific information for various industries, including professions such as construction, cosmetology and tax preparation.

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California Franchise Tax Board

Please Note: California currently does not offer the option of e-filing amended, prior-year, or business returns.