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Telephone medical advice is another way some health-care organizations meet the medical needs of their large client populations. By use of a telephone, patients are able to contact their health-care provider to explain their symptoms and receive immediate advice about the proper course of action that should be taken. This method can make it less critical that patients visit a doctor or emergency room, thus reducing the cost of health care.

California licenses a variety of health-care professionals to ensure high standards and quality care. The Legislature has authorized the Department of Consumer Affairs to bring higher consumer protection standards to the field of telephone medical advice. It's crucial that providers of telephone medical advice are qualified, licensed health-care professionals.

Although some of the health-care professionals providing telephone medical advice may be located out of state, it's important to note that licensing requirements and consumer protection standards extend beyond state boundaries to all businesses advising California residents.

The TMAS Mission

Protect consumers by regulating businesses that provide telephone medical advice to California patients. Inform patients of their rights and pursue any reported harmful activities.


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