Pending Legislation/Regulations

No legislation or regulations are currently pending.

Current Laws and Regulations

Laws Guiding TMAS

California Business & Professions Code, Chapter 15, Sections 4999-4999.7 are the laws that guide TMAS.

Chapter 15 of the Business & Professions Code requires any business that employs five or more full-time equivalent employees to provide telephone medical advice to register with the Department of Consumer Affairs and TMAS. Also, all personnel who provide telephone medical advice at these businesses must be appropriately registered or licensed health-care professionals. Additionally, to further protect California health-care consumers, these regulations require providers of telephone medical advice to:

  • Maintain records of telephone medical advice services, including records of complaints, provided to patients in California for a period of at least five years.
  • Ensure that the telephone medical advice they provide is consistent with good professional practices.

Copies of Business & Professions Code Chapter 15 are available in the "California Law" section of the Web site.

Regulations Pertaining to TMAS

To review the regulations, please use the following link to this document.