Maintaining Your Telephone Medical Advice Services Registration

In order to maintain your telephone medical advice services (TMAS) registration, you must comply with the requirements as established in the Business and Professions (B&P) Code and the California Code of Regulations (CCRs). The requirements include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Comply with all requests for information made by the Department.
  • Change in Name of Business, or Address of Business: Pursuant to B&P Code Section 4999.1(f), the Department of Consumer Affairs must be notified of a name or address change within 30 days of the change. Please submit the Request for Change of Name or Change of Address form, Form C-1.
  • Complaint Reporting: In order for a registrant to provide complaint data to the Bureau on the Quarterly Report, Form A-3, registrants shall collect data by calendar quarter regarding the number of complaints received, the number of complaints that involved health care professionals licensed in other states, and the number of complaints referred to licensing entities in California and other states. In addition, Section 4022 of Title 16 of the CCRs requires registrants to send a Consumer Complaint form, Form A-5, to a consumer upon receipt of a complaint regarding telephone medical advice.
  • Quarterly Reports: Pursuant to Section 4999.1 of the B&P Code and Section 4023 of Title 16 of the CCRs, a registrant shall provide the Department within 30 days following every calendar quarter a Quarterly Report, Form A-3, along with an updated Provider List, Form A-2, of employees providing telephone medical advice for the registrant. If there are no changes to the registrant's Provider List submitted for the prior calendar quarter, then the registrant is exempt from submitting an updated Provider List.
  • Renewal of Registration: Pursuant to Section 4999.4 of the B&P Code, every registration issued to a telephone medical advice service shall expire 24 months after the initial date of issuance. To renew an unexpired registration, the registrant shall, before the time at which the registration would otherwise expire, apply for renewal and pay the renewal fee to the Bureau. The initial application and renewal fees for registration are set to be sufficient to pay the operating costs of the Bureau.
  • Questions: Write to: Telephone Medical Advice Services Bureau - 1625 North Market Boulevard, Suite N-112, Sacramento, CA 95834 or e-mail us at: We can also be reached by phone at (916) 574-7992.

For additional information regarding telephone medical advice services requirements, please review the instructions that are provided with the application package, Chapter 15 of Division 2 of the Business and Professions Code, and Chapter 6 of Division 38 of Title 16 of the California Code of Regulations.