Employment Opportunities at DCA

Welcome to the Department of Consumer Affairs' Human Resources Division. The following links have been established to serve the needs of the general public and employees of the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

Examination Announcements - Alphabetical listing of current DCA "Open", "Promotional", and "CEA" examinations in progress.

Job Announcements - Alphabetical listing of job vacancies for individuals who have civil service list eligibility, are in a classification (position) that is transferable to, or have reinstatement rights for, the identified classification.

California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) - Link to CalHR's web site, which provides general information about California State Jobs and detailed information on the civil service hiring process.

Getting a State Application (STD 678) - STD 678) - Link to CalHR's web site for information on obtaining an application.

Classification Specifications - Link to CalHR's official job descriptions and minimum qualifications for specific jobs.

Layoff - General Information - General Information - Link to CalHR's website for general information and definitions regarding the State layoff program. Information is listed under The Latest News section. Site location.

Veterans' Preference - Find information about Veterans' Preference in state employment.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at: (916) 574-8370.