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Business & Professions Code

General Provisions

7.5. Conviction of a Crime.
12.5. Citations - Violation of Regulations.
14.1. Man or Men as Person or Persons.
22. "Board" Defined.
23.6. "Appointing Power" Defined.
23.7. "License" Defined.
27. Online License Lookup.
29.5. Family Support Orders.
30. Social Security Numbers.
31. Failure to Comply.

Division 1 - Department of Consumer Affairs

Chapter 1. - The Department

100. The Department.
101. Department Composition.
101.6. Purpose.
101.7. Board Member Meetings.
103. Board Members - Compensation.
105. Board Member Oath.
105.5. Board Member Tenure.
106. Removal of Board Members.
106.5. Removal of Board Members for Disclosure of Exam Questions.
107. Appointment of Executive Officer.
107.5. Board Seal.
108. Functions of Boards.
108.5. Witness Fees.
109. Finality of Board Decisions.
110. Department Possession and Control.
111. Examination Commissioners.
112. Directories of Licensees.
113. Conferences.
114. Military Service.
114.5. "War" Defined.
115. Those Licensed while Serving in Armed Services.
115.4. Expedited Licensure Process for Honorably Discharged Veterans of Armed Forces.
115.5. Expedite Licensure Process for Qualified Applicants in Armed Services.
118. Withdrawal of Application or Surrender of License - Continuation of Proceedings.
119. Licensure Offenses.
120. Surviving Spouse of Certified Public Accountant.
121. Renewal of Licensure.
122. Duplicate Certificates.
123. Subversion of the Licensing Examination.
123.5. Restraining Order.
124. "Written Notice" Defined.
125. Conspiracy with Unlicensed Person.
125.3. Investigation and Enforcement Costs.
125.5. Injunction, Restitution, and Reimbursement for Code Violations.
125.6. Unprofessional Conduct - Discrimination.
125.8. Temporary Restraining Order Against Licensees.
125.9. Citations.
127. Reports to Director.
128. Unlawful Sale of Goods or Services.
128.5. Reduction of License Fees.
129. Complaint Handling Requirements.
130. Terms of Office.
131. Limit on Terms.
132. Permission Required - Legal Action Against Government Agencies.
134. Prorated Initial License Fees.
135. Repeated Examinations.
135.5. Acceptance of ITINs.
136. Change of Address Notification.
137. License Numbers - Inclusion in Advertising.
138. Client Notification Requirement.
139. Examination Validation Report.
140. Employee Wages - Availability of Records.
143. Compensation - Unlicensed Persons.
144. Fingerprint Requirement.

Chapter 1.5. - Unlicensed Activity Enforcement

145. Legislative Intent.
147. Immunity from Civil Liability.
148. Administrative Citations.
149. Unlawful Advertising.

Chapter 2. - The Director of Consumer Affairs

150. Director of Consumer Affairs.
151. Appointment.
152. Administration of Department.
152.5. Adjustment of License Renewal Dates.
152.6. Authority to Adjust License Renewal Dates.
153. Investigations by Director.
154. Employment of Personnel.
154.1. Legislative Findings and Declarations.
154.5. Representation of Personnel.
155. Employment of Investigators/Contracts with Investigators.
156. Interagency Contracts.
156.1. Treatment and Rehabilitation - Retention of Records.
156.5. Lease of Space for Examinations.
157. Expenses of Prosecution.
158. Refunds of Fees.
159. Administration of Oaths.
159.5. Division of Investigation.
160. Authority of Investigators.
161. Sale of Copies of Records.
162. Certificate as Evidence.
163. Fee for Certification of Records.
163.5. Delinquency and Reinstatement of Fees.
164. Form and Content of Licenses.
165. Legislation; Fiscal Impact Analyses.
166. Mandatory Continuing Education Guidelines.

Chapter 3. - Funds of the Department

201. Pro Rata Charge for Administrative Expenses.
202. Claims, Funds, Transfers.
202.5. Legal Services Charges from the Department of Justice.
205. Special Funds.
206. Dishonored Checks.
207. Appropriation of Funds.
211. Assessment of Department's Operations by Third-Party Consultant.

Chapter 4. - Consumer Affairs

300. General Provisions and Definitions.
301. Legislative Intent.
310. Powers and Duties of Director.
312. Annual Report.
313.1. Rules and Regulations; Approval of Director.
313.2. Americans with Disabilities Act.
320. Representation of Consumers.
321. Commencement of Legal Proceedings.
325. Consumer Complaints.
326. Notification of Complaint: Referral.

Chapter 6. - Public Members

450. Qualifications - Prohibited Relationships.
450.2. Conflict of Interest.
450.3. Conflicting Financial Interests.
450.5. Conflicting Pursuits.
450.6. Age Requirement.
451. Delegated Authority: Restrictions.
452. "Board" Defined.
453. Training for New Board Members.

Chapter 7. - Licensee

460. Local Restriction of Licensees Prohibited.
461. Records of Arrest.
462. Inactive License.

Division 1.5 - Denial, Suspension and Revocation of Licenses

Chapter 1. - General Provisions

475. Applicability.
476. Exceptions.
477. "Board" and "License" Defined.
478. "Application" and "Material" Defined.

Chapter 2. - Denial of Licenses

480. Grounds for Denial.
481. Criteria for Related Crimes Required.
482. Criteria for Rehabilitation Required.
484. Attestations of Good Moral Character Not Required.
485. Procedure for Board Upon Denial.
486. Reapplication after Denial.
487. Hearings.
488. Action Following a Hearing.
489. Denial of Licensure.

Chapter 3. - Suspension and Revocation of Licenses

490. Conviction of a Crime - Substantial Relationship Required.
490.5. Suspension of a License for Noncompliance with Child Support Order.
491. Information to Ex-Licensee.
493. Conviction of a Crime - Conclusive Evidence.
494. Interim Suspension or Restriction Order.
494.5. Agency Actions Regarding Certified List.

Chapter 4. - Public Reprovals

495. Procedure.

Chapter 5. - Examination Security

496. Violation of Exam Security.
498. Wrongful Acquisition of License.
499. Wrongful Support of Another's Application.

Division 7 - General Business Regulations
Part 2. Preservation and Regulation of Competition

Chapter 5. - Enforcement

17200. Unfair Competition.
17201. "Person" Defined.
17201.5. "Board" Defined; "Local Consumer Affairs Agency" Defined.
17202. Authority to Grant Specific or Preventative Relief.
17203. Injunctions; Orders or Judgments.
17204. Actions for Injunctions.
17205. Cumulative Remedies.
17206. Violations; Penalty; Actions for Recovery; Expenses.
17206.1. Additional Penalties for Violations Against Senior Citizens and the Disabled.
17207. Violation of Injunction Against Unfair Competition; Civil Penalties.
17208. Statute of Limitation.
17209. Notice of Issue in Action Before Appellate Court.

Part 3. Representations to the Public

Chapter 1. - Advertising

17500. False or Misleading Advertising.
17500.1. Adoption of Regulations.
17506.5. "Board Within the Department of Consumer Affairs" Defined.
17535. Injunction - Restitution.
17535.5. Penalty for Violating Injunction.
17536. Penalty for Violations of Chapter.
17536.5. Notice to be Served.

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