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Government Code

Title 1, Division 7.

Part 3.5.-California Public Records Act

6250. Legislative Findings.
6251. California Public Records Act.
6252. Definitions.
6252.5. Elected Officials or Officers of State or Local Agencies.
6253. Accessibility to Records.
6253.1. Agency to Assist Member of the Public.
6253.4. Guidelines for Accessibility of Records.
6253.9. Records in Electronic Format.
6254. Exceptions Section 6254.
6254.3. Home Addresses of State Employees.
6254.4. Home Addresses.
6254.5. Waiver of Exceptions.
6254.8. Employment Contracts.
6254.9. Computer Software.
6254.20. Electronically Collected Personal Information.
6254.21. Government Official's Personal Information.
6254.25. Pending Litigation.
6255. General Exception.
6257.5. Limitations.
6258. Injunctive Relief.
6259. Court Proceedings.
6260. Effect on Judicial Records.
6261. Expenditure.
6262. Access to Records by District Attorneys.
6263. Inspection and Copies.
6264. Petition to Inspect.
6265. Status Not Changed by Disclosure.

Title 2, Division 3, Part 1, Chapter 1.

Article 9.-Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act

11120. Legislative Intent.
11121. "State Body" Defined.
11121.1. "State Body" Exclusions.
11121.9. Act Provided to Members.
11121.95. Appointed Official-Duties Not Yet Assumed.
11122. "Action Taken" Defined.
11122.5. "Meeting" Defined.
11123. Open and Public Meetings Required.
11123.1. Americans with Disabilities.
11124. No Requirements for Attendance.
11124.1. Right to Record.
11125. Notice of Meeting.
11125.1. Agendas and Supporting Documentation.
11125.2. Closed Sessions: Action Reported.
11125.3. Items Not on the Agenda.
11125.4. Special Meeting.
11125.5. Emergency Meetings.
11125.7. Opportunity for Public to Address State Body.
11126. Closed Sessions.
11126.1. Closed Sessions: Minutes.
11126.3. Closed Sessions: Legal Authority.
11126.5. Disorderly Conduct.
11126.7. Fees May Not Be Charged.
11127. Exceptions Section 11127.
11128. Time of Closed Sessions.
11128.5. Adjourned to a Specified Time and Place.
11129. Continuance of Hearings.
11130. Injunction.
11130.3. Judicial Determination.
11130.5. Court Costs; Attorney's Fees.
11130.7. Attendance of Meeting in Violation.
11131. Meeting Place; Nondiscriminatory.
11131.5. Identify of Crime Victim.
11132. Authorization Required.

Miscellaneous Provisions

11019.9. State Agency Privacy Policy.
11425.6. Precedential Decisions.
11564.5. Per Diem Salary
12944. Licensing Examinations-Adverse Impact.
26509. Records Released to District Attorneys.

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