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Pending Legislation

2017 - 2018 Legislative Session

Bill Subject Board
AB 703 Professions and vocations: licenses: fee waivers Support  
AB 767 GO-Biz Information Technology Watch  
AB 912 Small Business: California Small Business Regulatory Fairness Act Watch  
AB 1005 Professions and vocations: fines: relief Support if Amended  
AB 1190 Department of Consumer Affairs: BreEZe system: annual report Support  
AB 2138 Licensing boards: denial of application: revocation or suspension of licensure: criminal conviction Oppose, Unless Amended  
AB 2483 Indemnification of public officers and employees: antitrust awards. Support  
SB 27 Professions and vocations: licenses: military service Support  
SB 247 Professions and vocations: license requirement: business: surety bond requirement Oppose  
SB 547 Professions and vocations: weights and measures Support  
SB 715 Department of Consumer Affairs: regulatory boards: removal of board members Support  
SB 795 Accountancy: Practice Privileges Support  
SB 800 Professions and vocations Support  
SB 1492 Professions and vocations Support  

Historical Legislative Sessions

Bill Subject Board Position Final Action
AB 507 DCA: BreEZe: Annual Report Support Failed Passage
AB 1566 Reports to the Legislature Support if Amended Failed Passage
AB 2560 Accountants: practice privileges: out-of-state individuals Sponsor Chaptered
AB 2853 Public Records Support if Amended Chaptered
AB 2859 Professions and vocations: retired category: license Support Chaptered
SB 1155 Professions and vocations: licenses: military service fee waiver Support Failed Passage
SB 1348 Licensure applications: military Support Chaptered
SB 1479 Business and Professions (Omnibus bill) Support Chaptered
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