Online License Renewal Payment

Are you Eligible to submit an online license renewal payment?

Please answer the following questions to determine if you are eligible to submit an online license/registration renewal payment. All FIVE questions must be answered. Submitting an online license/registration renewal payment without meeting all of the criteria will delay the processing of your renewal. If you are eligible, you will be directed to the Official Payments Corporation (OPC) website to submit your license/registration renewal payment. Your payment will be processed by OPC and take approximately 2–3 business days. Official Payments Corporation charges a $1.00 convenience fee for each transaction.

Make sure to report your correct license/registration number. Submitting a renewal payment with an incorrect license/registration number WILL delay the processing of your renewal. If you do not know your license/registration number, refer to the Bureau's License Check screen to locate your license/registration information

If you recently mailed a payment for this license/registration renewal, you must allow sufficient time to process it before submitting a second one. If you proceed with a second renewal payment, be advised that the processing time for a refund is approximately 10–12 weeks.

NOTE: If you license expires PRIOR TO December 31, 2016, please do not use this system AFTER December 31,2016 for renewal of the following license types:

  • Furniture and Bedding Importer (IMP)
  • Furniture and Bedding Retailer (M)
  • Furniture and Bedding Manufacturer (MFG)
  • Furniture and Bedding Wholesaler (WHL)
  • Custom Upholsterer (B)
  • Bedding Retailer (H)
  • Sanitizer (L)
  • Furniture Retailer (A)
  • Supply Dealer (E)

Payment by this system after this date of renewal that expires prior to December 31,2016 will result in an overpayment of fees.

  1. If your license/registration is current, does it expire within the next 2-1/2 months?

    License/registration is expired
  2. Has there been a change of ownership for your business since the last renewal (this includes changes from sole owner to partnership, corporation, etc.)?

  3. For Electronic and Appliance Service Dealer registrations/licenses:  If your license is expired, did it expire more than one year ago?

    No or Non-applicable, this is a Home Furnishing License.
  4. For Home Furnishings Licenses (Retailer, Importer, Custom Upholsterer), If your license is expired, did it expire more than two years ago?

    No or Non-applicable, this is an Electronic or Appliance Service Dealer registration.
  5. Have you had a recent business name or address change and have not notified the Bureau?

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