Online License Renewal Payment

At this time, the Board cannot accept electronic fund transfers or credit cards for Geologists and Geophysicists.

Are you Eligible to submit an online license renewal payment?


Please answer the following questions to determine if you are eligible to submit an online license renewal payment. Submitting an online license renewal payment without meeting all of the criteria will delay the processing of your license renewal. If you are eligible, you will be directed to the Official Payments Corporation (OPC) website to submit your payment. Your payment will be processed by OPC within 2–3 business days.


  • It is VERY IMPORTANT you report your correct license number because the online payment system will not validate the information you provide. Submitting a renewal payment with incorrect information WILL DELAY the processing of your license renewal. If you do not know your license number, or need to verify your license expiration date, please refer to the Board’s License Lookup web page to locate this information.
  • Please verify that the address listed on your renewal notice is current. Your license will be mailed to the wrong location if your address of record is not current.
  • If your license is not due within 60 days, you are not eligible for renewal at this time. Payments received prior to the 60-day notice will be refunded and you will need to resubmit payment within the 60-day period
  • If you have a name or address change and you have not yet submitted it to the Board, you must do so before you can renew online. The Name Change Affidavit and Address Change Affidavit forms are available on the Board's web site. Please wait two (2) weeks after submitting the changes, and then check the Board's License Lookup web page to verify that the changes have been made before attempting to renew online. Please note that your renewal payment must be submitted online or via mail prior to the expiration date of your license; submitting a name or address change does not extend the date by which you must renew to maintain a current license.
  • If you recently mailed a payment for this license renewal, please allow sufficient processing time before submitting a second renewal payment. If you proceed with submitting a second renewal payment, be advised that the refund processing time is approximately 10 – 12 weeks.

Answer the following questions:

  1. If your license is current, does it expire within 60 days?

    License is expired
  2. If your license is expired, did it expire within the last two years?

    License is not expired
  3. If you had a recent address change, was it submitted to the Board at least two weeks prior to today?

    I don't have an address change
  4. If you changed your name, did you submit the change to the Board at least two weeks prior to today?

    I do not have a name change


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