Consumer Arbitration Program - Motor Vehicles (CAP- MOTORS)- (800) 279-5343

The Program is free to qualifying Porsche owners, and all administrative fees, including the Arbitrator fees, are paid in advance by the involved manufacturer as required by law.

The Program reviews warranty related concerns. To be eligible for the Program, vehicles must be covered by the New Car Limited Warranty, Certified Pre-Owned Warranty or Porsche Approved Limited Warranty when the application is received. Disputes regarding conditions not covered by the Lemon Law are not eligible for arbitration.

In arbitration, the parties bring their case to an arbitrator who reviews the complaint and makes a decision. Arbitrated decisions are binding on the manufacturer, once accepted by the consumer. Arbitrators are attorneys and/or dispute resolution professionals trained on the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, California's lemon law, and the specific rules and guidelines of the CAP-MOTORS program.

Participating Manufacturers in a state-certifed arbitration program:

  • Porsche

Program Information:

CAP-MOTORS Program Brochure

CAP-MOTORS Program Application

(Please contact ACP or CAP-MOTORS for more information.)