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Notice to Licensees Regarding CURES Version Update

Beginning August 1, 2024, all California dispensers of controlled substances will be required to report dispensations to the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (CURES) using the American Society of Automation in Pharmacy (ASAP) version 4.2B format. Licensees who dispense controlled substances should contact their data submission software provider to confirm they are prepared for this version update. Please visit the Office of the Attorney General's CURES Website to access the Data Submission guide for Dispensers and for additional updates and informational bulletins.

Licensing Resources for Members of the U.S. Military and their Families Webinar

The California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) hosted a webinar on May 29, 2024, to share information about military licensing resources. Topics included licensing resources available to members of the military and their spouses or domestic partners, a demonstration of the Federal Professional License Portal and State Registration process, and a Q&A. To view the archived video of the webinar, click here.

Name and Gender Change Notification and Request for Confidentiality (SB 372, 2023)

Effective January 1, 2024, under Business and Professions Code section 27.5, licensees may notify the licensing board or bureau within the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) of a name and/or gender change and request confidentiality of the previous name or gender information, when meeting certain specified requirements. For more information, visit the Name and Gender Change Notification and Request for Confidentiality information page

Federal Professional License Portability and State Registration

The federal Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) authorizes service members, or their spouses, who currently hold a valid license in good standing in another state, district, or territory to practice in California within the same profession or vocation, if they relocate to California because of military orders. For individuals who desire to practice in California under the terms of the SCRA, the State of California adopted a state registration process to help implement the license portability provisions of the SCRA. For more information, visit DCA’s military portal.

Get Involved in the Strategic Planning Process!

Get involved to make sure your voice is heard! As a consumer, the Department wants strategic plans to be a partnership by hearing what consumers have to say. Members of the public can get involved in a board's strategic planning process by participating in a survey to provide feedback to the board. For more information, click here.

New DCA Logo

In January 2023, the California Department of Consumer Affairs launched a new logo.