California Accountancy Act

DIVISION 3. Professions and Vocations Generally

CHAPTER 1. Accountants

Complete Accountancy Act (Printable)

Article 1.-Administration (§5000 - §5025.3)

Article 1.5.-Continuing Education (§5026 - §5028)

Article 2.-General Powers and Definitions (§5030 - §5040)

Article 3.-Application of Chapter (§5050 - §5058.4)

Article 3.5.-Standards of Professional Conduct (§5060 - §5063.10)

Article 4.-Applications, Registrations, Permits  Generally (§5070 - §5079)

Article 5.-Certificates, Information and Records (§5080 - §5095)

Article 5.1.-Practice Privileges (§5096 - §5096.22)

Article 5.5.-Audit Documentation (§5097 - §5098)

Article 6.-Disciplinary Proceedings (§5100 - §5115)

Section Title
5100. Revocation or Suspension of Permit or Certificate; Refusal to Renew; Censure of Holder; Grounds
5100.1. Copy of Disciplinary or Other Action as Evidence
5100.2. Denial of License for Financial Crime or Disciplinary Action by Other Jurisdiction
5100.5. Restricted Practice of a Licensee; Petition for Reduction in Penalty
5101. Revocation, Suspension or Refusal to Renew Permit of Partnership; Censure; Grounds
5102. Conduct of Proceedings; Powers of Board
5103. Authority of Board to Investigate Complaints
5103.5. Notice of Formal Accusations Posted on Internet Website; Statement that Accusations are not Final Determinations of Wrongdoing
5104. Relinquishment of Revoked, Etc., Certificate or Permit; Return of Certificate or Permit on Expiration of Period of Suspension
5105. Relinquishment of Certificate and Permit Where Payment of Renewal Fee Delinquent; Reissuance; Conditions
5106. Plea or Verdict of Guilty or Conviction Following Plea of Nolo Contendere as Conviction Within Meaning of Article; Effect of Record of Conviction; Suspension or Revocation of Certificate or Permit, Declining to Issue Certificate or Permit
5107. Payment to Board of Costs of Investigation and Prosecution of Certain Disciplinary Cases
5108. Authority of Board to Issue Subpoenas
5109. Jurisdiction of Board not Affected by Change in Status of Licensee
5110. Acts Constituting Cause for Board’s Denial of Exam Application or Admission, Voidance of Grades, or Denial of License Application or Registration; Powers of Board
5111. Acts Constituting Cheating, Subverting or Attempting to Subvert Licensing Examination
5112. Procedures for Denial of Exam Application or Admittance, or Voidance of Grades; Notice
5113. Rights After Denial of Admission to Licensing Examination
5115. Revocation or Surrender of License

Article 6.5.-Administrative Penalties (§5116 - §5116.6)

Article 7.-Prohibitions and Offenses Against the Chapter Generally (§5120 - §5122)

Article 8.-Revenue (§5130 - §5134)

Article 9.-Accountancy Corporations (§5150 - §5158)

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