2017 Event Results

Date Event Results City
03/18/2017 KOTC Ontario, CA
03/11/2017 Thompson Orange, CA
03/11/2017 All Star Montebello, CA
03/10/2017 Top Rank Lemoore, CA
03/10/2017 Roy E Tustin, CA (MMA)
03/10/2017 Roy E Tustin, CA (Boxing)
03/10/2017 Golden Boy Los Angeles, CA
03/05/2017 Pro-Faction Benicia, CA
02/25/2017 Dennis Warner Studio City, California
02/24/2017 PR Promotions Studio City, California
02/23/2017 Smash Global (MMA) Los Angeles, California
02/18/2017 Bellator San Jose, California
02/16/2017 Roy Englebrecht (MMA)
Roy Englebrecht (Boxing)
Costa Mesa, California
02/16/2017 Combate Americas Burbank, California
01/28/2017 Golden Boy Promotions Indio, California
01/27/2017 Top Rank Boxing Studio City, California
01/21/2017 Bellator MMA Los Angeles, California
01/21/2017 All Star Boxing Montebello, California
01/20/2017 Dennis Warner Los Angeles, California
01/13/2017 Insync Irvine, California
01/07/2017 Dragon House MMA San Francisco, California
01/07/2017 Dennis Warner San Diego, California

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