Press Release

Athletic Commission Investigates Possible Improper Licensing of Fighter

June 22, 2005

CONTACT: Armando Garcia, Executive Officer (916) 263-2195

SACRAMENTO – The California Athletic Commission has opened an investigation into whether a boxer at a recent bout was improperly licensed.

Armando Garcia, the Athletic Commission's newly-appointed Executive Officer, began his investigation June 9, the day he learned that the Athletic Commission may not have had the results of two required medical exams before licensing a boxer to fight June 3rd in Ontario.

State law requires the Athletic Commission to have the results of both neurological and serological exams of fighters before it licenses them. The serological exam is meant to determine whether the fighter has blood-borne pathogens that could put others at risk. The neurological exam is required in order to determine whether there is any impairment that would put the fighter at risk.

"The law is very specific on this point," said Garcia, who was appointed as Executive Officer to the Commission on June 1st. "The Commission must have the results of these tests before sanctioning a fight, for the protection of both the fighter and the people nearby."

In addition to the Athletic Commission's investigation, the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) Division of Investigation (DOI) has launched its own, broader investigation into the practices and procedures used by the Commission to license fighters.