Press Release

California Commission Developing MMA Officials' Team

January 24, 2006

CONTACT: Armando Garcia, Executive Officer (916) 263-2195

SACRAMENTO – The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) is in the process of developing a team of experienced officials to work MMA events in the State. Emphasis is on the word experienced.

If you are an experienced MMA official that is interested in being considered to work MMA events in the State, please submit a detailed resume to:

Armando Garcia, Executive Officer
1424 Howe Avenue Suite 33
Sacramento, California 95825-3217
(916) 263-2195

This is the first step in becoming licensed in the State of California. Selected officials will be asked to submit an application for further consideration.

The CSAC clearly understands that officiating MMA events is a specialty. For example, being a proficient professional boxing referee does not automatically make you a proficient MMA referee. Moreover, the various specialties also provide challenges that require specific expertise.

Here are the ground rules for this process:

  • Novice or new officials need not apply at this time. In the future, the State will develop new officials through mandated State training.
  • Submit a detailed resume that includes your professional MMA experience.
  • As in other CSAC regulated sports, the submission of a resume, application and or receipt of a license is not an entitlement of any kind. Receiving a license only grants you an opportunity to be placed on an eligibility list for consideration to work, in this case, MMA events.
  • The granting of a referee or judge license does not cross borders. That is, the license will only be for professional MMA events and not professional boxing events.
  • Those granted a license will still need to undergo mandated ongoing State training no matter what previous experience they may have.

Should you have any questions, please contact Armando Garcia, Executive Officer, at (916) 263-2195.