Press Release

Informational Meeting For MMA Promoter Applicants

January 24, 2006

CONTACT: Armando Garcia, Executive Officer (916) 263-2195

SACRAMENTO –On December 28, 2005 the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) received approval to regulate MMA (mixed martial arts) events. Moving forward, the CSAC will refer to the term MMA as meaning all forms of approved professional full contact sports, including kickboxing, and excluding boxing, as outlined in its regulations.

In January 2006 the CSAC began receiving and reviewing MMA Promoter Applications.

In an effort to improve the timeline previously given by the CSAC for holding events, all MMA promoter applicants who have already submitted an application are strongly encouraged to attend an informational group and private meeting with the CSAC»s Executive Officer and his staff at the following location, date and time:

Junipera Serra State Office Building
320 West Fourth Street
Carmel Room, First Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90013

10:00 AM to Close of Business

The meeting will start promptly at 10:00 AM.

There will be a group meeting between the hours of 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM. Immediately after the meeting the CSAC will meet privately with promoter applicants in order of their arrival to the group meeting. At that time the CSAC staff will review the candidate promoter's application and qualifications for licensing. Promoters should expect to meet with CSAC staff for approximately 30 minutes.

No decision on application approval will be given on this date. Attendance to the meeting, completion of all forms and submission of all license requirements will lead to a more timely review process.

Please contact Lilia Galvez, of my staff, by telephone at (916) 263-2195, or via e-mail at if you plan to attend the meeting.

ALL MMA Promoter applicants are to meet with the CSAC staff prior to 2006 license approval. Those who can not attend this meeting are to contact Ms. Galvez to set up an appointment during the week of February 20 to February 24, 2006 in the Sacramento office. No other meetings are scheduled at this time.

Health and safety and consumer integrity are the ultimate goals of the CSAC. I trust that this and previous efforts by the CSAC provide the necessary assurance that we are handling the implementation of this program in a professional and responsible manner. Should you have any questions, please contact Armando Garcia, Executive Officer, at (916) 263-2195.