CE Extension/Exemption Request

The CBA may grant an extension of time for up to six months or an exemption from completing the CE requirements for the following:

  • Reasons of health preventing compliance, which must be certified by a medical doctor on the doctor's office letterhead stating:
    • Your name
    • Nature of the medical condition
    • Beginning and ending time period of the medical condition
    • Signed statement explaining the effect of the medical condition and how it renders you incapable of completing CE, including self-study courses.
  • Active duty service with the Armed Forces of the United States.
  • Other good cause such as a natural disaster or death of a spouse or immediate family member, supported by a copy of the death certificate or obituary.

The request must be made on the CE Extension/Exemption Request Form and submitted directly to the CBA office with the license renewal application, CE Reporting Worksheet, and license renewal fee prior to your license expiration date in order to maintain uninterrupted practice rights.

Requests for extension or exemption should be mailed directly the California Board of Accountancy. Please do not renew through CBA Connect if you are requesting an extension or exemption.