Board-Approved Regulatory Review Courses

In order to maintain a license in an active status licensees must complete a Board-approved, two-hour regulatory review course once every six years. The next regulatory review course due date is listed to the right of the license expiration date on Part A of the license renewal application. If a regulatory review course is due, it must be completed prior to the license expiration date. It is important, however, to (1) answer Question 6 on Part A of the license renewal application when a Board-approved regulatory review course has been completed earlier than required, and (2) list the complete course title and Board-approval number on Part C of the license renewal application.

A Curious Adventure in Ethics: Learning Through War Stories & Case Studies
Term of Approval: 3/1/2010 through 2/28/2024
Method of Presentation: Live
Arturo Ramudo, CPA
(916) 797-1555
Fax: (916) 797-5315
Accountancy Laws, Ethics, Taxes and Financial Reporting Review-Regulatory Review
Term of Approval: 7/19/2010 through 7/31/2024
Method of Presentation: Live/Webcast/Self-Study
CalCPA Education Foundation
(800) 922-5272
Fax: (650) 443-7685
Regulatory Review: Practicing Within the Law
Term of Approval: 7/15/2011 through 7/31/2023
Method of Presentation: Live/Webcast/Self-Study
Spidell Publishing, Inc.
(800) 277-2257
Fax: (714) 776-9906
California Ethics for CPAS: Regulatory Review (previously named: Real-World Ethics for California CPAs: Regulatory Review)
Term of Approval: 10/22/2014 through 10/31/2020
Method of Presentation: Self-Study
Western CPE
(800) 822-4194
Fax: (206) 774-1285
California Regulatory Review for CPAs
Term of Approval: 1/18/2019 Through 1/31/2025
Method of Presentation: Self-Study
Beacon Hill Financial Educators, Inc
(800) 588-7039
Fax: (877) 902-4284
California Regulatory Review: Accountancy Act, Rules and Regulations
Term of Approval: 7/7/2022 Through 7/31/2024
Method of Presentation: Self-Study

Revised 2/23/2023