Selecting a Continuing Education Course

It is your responsibility to determine if a continuing education (CE) course meets the requirements set forth in the California Code of Regulations. With the exception of the Regulatory Review course, the CBA does not pre-approve courses or providers. The following information is intended to assist licensees in selecting a CE course or program.

The prevailing consideration in determining whether a specific course or program qualifies as CE is that it must be a formal course or program of learning that contributes directly to the professional competence of a licensee in public practice. Courses or programs in the following subject areas are not acceptable CE: personal growth, self-realization, spirituality, personal health and/or fitness, sports and recreation, foreign languages and cultures, and other subjects that will not add to the professional competency of a licensee in public practice.

When selecting a CE course or program, you should ask the following questions:

The CBA recommends that you become familiar with Article 12 of the California Code of Regulations governing CE. Article 12 provides guidance on proper reporting of CE, retention of certificates of completion, and information regarding alternative methods of earning CE credits, such as being an instructor or author.