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1. What do I do if I need to change any information I submitted with my application?
Once an application is submitted, no changes can be made online. Please contact your Board or Bureau directly to make changes.

2. Are files required to be attached to an application?
No. Files are not required to be attached to an application in order to submit it. But, most applications require certain documents before it can be processed. Thus, the document can either be attached to the application or mailed into your licensing agency.

3. Where can I view deficiencies that were added to my application?
Select the Details button for the submitted application and all deficiencies will be displayed in the pop-up box.


1. What is a Respondent?
The party against whom a complaint is made.

2. What is a Complainant?
The party or organization making a complaint.

3. What is the "File a Complaint" button?
This link allows you to file a complaint against a licensee. A user can file a complaint anonymously by using the link on the login screen.


1. What can I view while searching for a license?
Depending on the Board and License Type, different information will display. Information may include: License information (license type, license status, expiration date), Survey Information (Patient Care Practice Location, Areas of Practice, Board Certifications) and Public Record Actions (Public Disclosure documents).

2. What does "Previous Name" mean when I perform a license search?
When conducting a search based on name, the search results screen will display the text "Previous Name" next to any previously held names in the system for the licensee. If you click on a "Previous Name", you will be directed to the License Details screen under the Licensee's current name.

3. What is the "Verify a License" button?
This link allows you to search for and view a licensee's license information, including any public disclosure documents linked to the licensee that are available to view by the public.


1. Are user names and passwords case sensitive?
The user name is not case sensitive, but the password is case sensitive.

2. How many failed log-in attempts do I get before I am locked out of my account?

3. What do I do if I accidentally retire my account?
Please call your Board or Bureau to unretire your account. The phone numbers for each board are listed on the BreEZe site. You can also email your board directly by clicking the "Contact Us" link in the top right corner of the BreEZe Online Home Page.

4. Can I create an account if I do not have a license?
Yes, a license is not required to create an account. Non-licensed accounts will be able to apply for exams and licenses, and/or subscribe to license notifications.

5. What do I do if I forget my password or User ID?
Click on the "Forgot User ID" or "Forgot Password" hyperlink on the DCA BreEZe Home Page and follow the instructions on the web pages. Or watch the tutorial video titled "Forgot User ID or Password" to see how it is done.

6. I did not receive a registration email with the temporary password. I need this to complete my registration.
Please check your junk mail folder. Some emails are being sent to junk mail folders. DCA has applied a fix that will prevent the registration email from being placed in the junk mail folder for major email providers; however, it is possible that this is where it may have gone.


1. Do I get a receipt after I make a payment?
Yes. The receipt can be viewed by clicking the "View PDF Summary Report" button on the Fee and Summary Report screen or a receipt can be viewed by clicking the "Select" button for the "Payment Receipts" activity on the Quick Start Menu. Once the receipt is displayed on the screen, click the Print button to print the receipt.

2. Which credit cards are accepted by BreEZe?
Visa, American Express, Discover and MasterCard.

3. Can I pay by check online?
No. If you would like to pay by check, you will need to deliver it to the Board/Bureau.

4. When I make a payment, do I have to make a full payment?
No, you can make a partial payment by typing a partial payment amount into the textbox next to the payment amount.


1. When a user submits their online renewal, is there any text letting them know when they should receive their license, or whom to contact if they have questions?
An email is sent to the user after submission. The message in the email is customized with the information from/for each Board/Bureau.


1. Why are the tutorial videos not playing on my computer?
The videos are embedded in the web page and do not require a video player. You may need to disable your pop-ups if the video is not playing.

2. Which browsers will BreEZe Online Services support?
BreEZe Online Services supports all major browsers (Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome).

3. What devices can I use to access BreEZe Online?
While basic searches, such as license look-up, are supported by all devices, we recommend that if you are creating a BreEZe account, linking a BreEZe account to a license, or submitting an application or renewing a license online that you utilize a desktop PC or a laptop.


1. How do I link a license or additional licenses to my profile?
First, click the "Update Profile" hyperlink on the Quick Start Menu. Second, click the "Add License" button. Then fill in the information for the required fields.

2. What is an Authorized Representative?
An Authorized Representative can manage another persons' account such as process renewals, make payments and manage license information.

3. Who would normally be an Authorized Representative?
Office Assistants, or anyone else who may help the licensee in their daily business activities.

4. How do I contact DCA for assistance with online services?
You can call your board directly. The phone numbers for each board are listed on the BreEZe site. You can also email your board directly by clicking the "Contact Us" link in the top right corner of the BreEZe Online Home Page.

5. What is the "Skip Navigation" hyperlink in the top right corner of the screen?
The "Skip Navigation" hyperlink directs the user to the bottom of the page. This is identical to a "Go to Bottom of Page" link.

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