CURES mandatory use begins Oct. 2, 2018. Read about it here.

You must be registered to use CURES, even if you do not actively prescribe or dispense, if you are a:

  • California-licensed health care practitioner possessing a DEA number
  • California-licensed pharmacist with an active license

(California Health & Safety Code § 11165.1)

What is CURES?

California’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (CURES), allows authorized physicians, law enforcement, and regulatory agencies to view information on Schedule II – IV controlled substances dispensed to patients in California.

On January 8, 2016, the Department of Justice (DOJ) released the CURES 2.0 system upgrade. This upgrade offers a significantly improved user experience and increased functionality:

  • Allow approved delegates to run patient report queries for access by prescribers and dispensers
  • Send peer-to-peer communications
  • Receive patient alerts

Users must access CURES through a secure Internet browser. The following browsers are considered secure:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11.0 or higher
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari

CURES Registration

Users must register before utilizing CURES. Prescribers and dispensers can register only if licensed in California. The fully automated registration process allows prescribers and dispensers to request and receive approval for CURES access entirely online. (NOTE: If you are with a law enforcement agency or regulatory board and need CURES access, please contact the CURES helpdesk at or (916) 210-3187).

It is important to provide information for CURES registration specifically as directed by DOJ; refer to CURES 2.0 Tips to Successfully Register for guidance. Failure to provide accurate information may delay CURES access approval.

Registration is done through DOJ’s CURES 2.0 Registration. Prescribers and dispensers can refer to Registration Instructions for step-by-step guidance. To register, prescribers and dispensers will need:

  • A valid email address
    This will be the exclusive email address to which CURES-related correspondence is sent.
  • Your state license information
    This information will be verified with the regulatory board issuing your license.
  • Your federal DEA license information (prescribers only)
    This information will be verified with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

DOJ will process your registration application and send email notification of its approval or denial.

CURES Access

Once you receive DOJ email notification of your approved registration, you can access CURES 2.0 through DOJ’s CURES 2.0 Login. Reference the Prescriber and Dispenser User Guide for detailed information about navigating and using CURES 2.0.

Data Submission Requirements

Pharmacies and dispensing practitioners are required to report Schedule II-IV controlled substance prescription dispensing information on a weekly basis pursuant to California Health and Safety Code §§11165, 11190, 11164.1, and 11164.5, and Business and Professions Code §4068.

For data submission instructions or assistance with transmission issues, please contact:

Atlantic Associates, Inc. – CURES Prescription Data Collection Vendor

Toll Free: (800) 539-3370
Phone: (603) 627-7829
Fax: (877) 508-6704

For More Information

To learn more about CURES 2.0, visit the following links:

For assistance with CURES 2.0 registration, access, or system use, contact the CURES helpdesk at or (916) 210-3187.