DCA Rulemaking Manual

I. Procedures for Adopting, Amending, and Repealing Regulations (PDF)

II. Exhibits

Number Title Format
1 Initial Statement of Reasons MS Word
2 Notice of Proposed Changes MS Word
3 SAM Sections 6601-6680 PDF
3A Budget Letter 13-29 PDF
3B Budget Letter 13-30 PDF
3C Standardized Regulatory Impact Assessment (SRIA) PDF
3D Major Regulation Calendar PDF
4 Publication Schedule PDF
5 Legal Office Notice Transmittal Memo PDF
6 Request for Approval of Regulations MS Word
7 Fiscal Impact Statement (STD. 399) PDF
8 Notice of Availability of Language MS Word
9 Certification re Availability of Language MS Word
10 Format for Modified Text PDF
11 Final Statement of Reasons MS Word
12 Government Code Section 11349.1(d) - Review of Regulations by OAL PDF
13 Table of Contents/Statement of Completion MS Word
14 Statement of Service by Mail MS Word
15 Notice of Availability of Documents Added to Rulemaking File MS Word
16 Certification re Availability of Documents MS Word
17 Notice of Decision Not to Proceed with Rulemaking Action MS Word
18 OAL - Section 100 PDF
19 Rulemaking Calendar - Schedule A MS Word
20 Rulemaking Calendar - Schedule B MS Word
21 OAL's Instructions re Rulemaking Calendar PDF